The Atonement Clock – Scholars Edition

Beneath the surface of the Bible lies a timeline of incredible precision.

This post is to advise readers of the newly published ‘Scholars Edition’ of Chris Gedge’s research into a most extraordinary biblical timeline. Larger format, together with more detailed diagrams and expanded appendix articles, makes the ‘Scholars Edition’ ideal for libraries, and for critical examination of finer points not elaborated on in the earlier edition.

A grid exists of weeks, periods of seven years, and multiples of seven that extend beneath the pages of scripture, surfacing briefly inside stories and seemingly innocuous chronologies. The aim of this book is to see if it had any basis in fact, and if so, what was their purpose, and to where was this count of ‘seven’ heading?

The ‘lost’ Sabbatical and Jubilee years are key to this, but finding them requires a careful examination of the chronology of the Judges, the Kings of Israel, and the era between the Old and New Testaments. To uncover these cycles, I identified scriptural cases, dated them, crosschecked them with the continuous count, and crosschecked them again with known extra-biblical records.

The resulting timeline reveals a stunning convergence of data to Jesus of Nazareth. The Sabbatical years were not lost after all, but counted inexorably to His atoning sacrifice. Moreover, the Sabbatical years (observed or not) were followed by the prophets. In addition to the Messianic countdown, they provide unexpected confirmation of historical dates in the Old Testament. The implications of this research will positively impact history scholars and Bible critics; and readers will find their confidence in the historicity and inspiration of the scriptures strongly reinforced.

The Atonement Clock is the result of hundreds of hours of research into the fascinating subject of Bible chronology. It is not written in high academic language, however, the arguments set forth hinge on precise and accurate dating, and clear, full-size diagrams are employed to illustrate vital linkages between hitherto unnoticed dates. Biblical, as well as extra-biblical sources are drawn upon for information, and a helpful side-bar reference system enables the reader to quickly check the various quotations and claims being made.

The finished book is a compact, colour illustrated, soft cover publication packed with information that is rarely found in larger books. It is published and available directly over the Internet in either a low-cost ‘Readers Edition’ or a high-detail ‘Scholars Edition.’

Get the Atonement Clock here:


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