The Atonement Clock – E-pub Edition

Beneath the surface of the Bible lies a timeline of incredible precision.

In 1859 a Jewish scholar, Benedict Zuckermann published a table of sabbatical years in ancient times. He based his conclusions on a variety of sources such as the book of Maccabees and Josephus. In one example he cites an exemption Alexander the Great granted Jews concerning payment of tax every seventh year.

Apparently it occurred once at the time Alexander conquered Gaza. With examples like this Zuckermann charted the seven year cycle. (Shemitah) Like Zuckermann’s earlier work, ‘The Atonement Clock’ deals with the Sabbatic/Jubilee countdown. But new information (archaeology and astronomy) reveals a stunning convergence of data to Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. The Jubilee (Yovel) was not lost as previously supposed.

This post is to advise that ‘The Atonement Clock’ is now available as an E-publication on the Internet here. The E-pub has the same text as the original hard copy editions, except that the reference margin has been omitted due to screen limitations in small reading devices.

In publishing an edition for E-readers, this book is now available at a more affordable price than what has ever been possible before. It will retail for $8.00, but for the month of August 2017 will be less than 1/2 price. I’m making this offer to WordPress readers, but you are welcome to invite others to take advantage of the special too.

I’ve tried not to spam my friends, so I won’t overdo the self-promotion. However, the research here has revolutionized my understanding of Messianic prophecy, and I sincerely want to share it.

Chris Gedge


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